Hartwell Attendance Support Service & Hospital School

Our aim is to provide continuity and progression in education for young people with social, emotional and mental health and
medical needs, or whose education has been disrupted for other reasons.

We do this by offering learning programmes to link in with the National Curriculum and externally accredited examination courses where appropriate, helping to maintain normality and so contribute to the well-being of young people unable to access mainstream education and supporting students back in to mainstream school, college, work or further training opportunities as appropriate.

The Support Service is managed by Mr James Carrick, Executive Deputy Head, and led by Ms Renee Flourentzou, Head of the Swan Campus at West Lea School. The learning base on the Children’s Rainbow Ward, North Middlesex Hospital is led by Jane Claxton, liaison by Liz Feeney. The Attendance Support Unit is an additional class to West Lea School, based at the Swan Campus; led by Ms Renee Flourentzou, and managed by Mr James Carrick, Executive Deputy Head.

For more information please download our service brochure. If you would like to make a referral please download the appropriate referral form below.

For all other queries please do get in contact :

Tel: 0208 807 2656

Tuition Service : lfeeney@westleaschool.co.uk

ASU: lfeeney@westleaschool.co.uk

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