Haselbury Campus – September stories

Students in Narita Class learnt a number of skills when making paper Mache and worked really well together. Students also brought the colours of fall into the classroom with some hands-on science involving autumn equinox and had lots of fun leaf printing. Well done Narita Class.

In Zorn Class students learned about electrical appliances. They made sure they had clean and dry hands, and did not touch the hot part of the toaster. They also switched the toaster off at the plug, before removing the toast, and then independently spread the butter – it was delicious!

On World Fitness Day during their maths lesson, students from Fox Class completed exercises in pairs. As one child completed the exercise, the other recorded their data (e.g. how many star jumps per minute). The children then shared this data as a class and compared the numbers using place value to decide a winner for each category and an overall fitness champion. Well done Fox Class.

After working on their understanding of the MacMillan Cancer Support Charity, Omar class decided to make ‘THANK YOU’ posters. Students looked at the meanings of key words such as charity, awareness, support and care. They also researched the amazing help MacMillan provides to those in need and celebrated in style with a ‘cupcakes and karaoke’ party in order to raise money to support MacMillan. Thank you MacMillan, from all the Pupils and Staff in Omar class!

Hamilton class conducted a science experiment to find out why the craters on the moon are different sizes, they recreated the surface of the moon using flour and cocoa powder and used different size marbles as asteroids and dropped them from different heights into the cocoa and flour mixture. They then measured the widths of the craters caused by the marbles and recorded the results. The children had a great time doing the experiment.

Lister Class have been learning how to use the iPad to take photographs of themselves as well as their peers. All the photographs below were taken by pupils. They are part of our ‘All about me’ project. They have also been learning how to edit a photograph and personalise their pictures with drawings.


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