Haselbury Campus – October Stories

As part of the work they were doing to celebrate Black History Month, Omar Class used colourful semantics to identify information about Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

The Homework Hero for Omar Class is Tamay!

Sanchez Class learnt and performed an African dance for Black History Month – they did an amazing job! They also showed their artistic skills colouring in traditional African designs.

Our Executive Headteacher @Suetripp3Sue leading the way, being taught how to skateboard by one of our pupils!

Our very own Ethan Stewart had a private dance class with no less than the Strictly Come Dancing champion @OtiMabuse! So lucky and an amazing experience!

Miss Silver’s, Miss Hanson’s and Mrs North’s classes all learnt about the meaning of different hazard signs, as well as how to locate where they are and where they should be.

Pupils in Sanchez Class were using a different art resource of wax oil crayons to design an African sunset with silhouettes of trees and land. This is to support Black History Month.

Pupils were also collaging an African sunset with silhouettes. They were learning how to collage by ripping strips of tissue paper and cutting out black silhouettes of African trees, people and animals.



Sanchez Class practised and improved their communication skills by interviewing each other. Pupils gathered information on what their classmates would like to be when they grew up and presented it to the rest of the class.

One of our Omar Class pupils sporting a Kente Head-Wrap in celebration of Black History Month

A huge thank you to Omar Class for organising our whole-school assembly today to celebrate Black History Month.

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