Haselbury Campus – December Stories

Fox Class have been thinking about the types of bullying during #AntiBullyingWeek The class wrote anonymous notes to one another about what makes them a good friend. ‘Freddy always has nice things to say, as well as being patient with me at Uno’ was Freddy’s favourite note.

Our pupils have also been exploring behaviour and bullying during #AntiBullyingWeek. Our pupils  highlighted different aspects of bullying. Here is Alfie presenting his work on internet safety. Well done Alfie, very impressive!

Joshua and his Simmonds Class mates were exploring the different British Values and how they are evident in our school community. Here is Joshua with his poster displaying our British Values.

During unstructured time we still guide our pupils to learn and try new things. Here is Connor jamming on the ukulele.

Sanchez Class were researching #Diwali and produced Diwali cards for Ms. Bhamra, who was celebrating over the weekend. Happy Diwali to all that celebrated!

Evie-Leigh and her Brannigan Class mates decided to make personalised hand sanitisers to make our school even more Covid safe. After reaching out to the wider community, they now have over 100 orders! If anyone is interested, please get in touch. They are £2 each! Well done!

Gallagher Class practicing their Learning for Life skills at home.  Keep up the good work!


Daniel from Gallagher Class shows fantastic Learning for Life Skills with his weekly homework making fairy cakes.

Jediael from Gallagher Class has been busy with his Learning for Life Skills at home. So far, he has made a pepperoni pizza, fairy cakes and raspberry scones (with a little help from Mum). Keep up the great work!

Gallagher Class- Enjoying playing board games at lunchtime- great way to develop their communication skills.

Yes, it’s that exciting time of the year again and and Gallagher Class have been getting ready.

Brannigan Class have been doing lots of learning about emotions and @ZonesOfReg.  Pupils identified characteristics of different feelings and shared ideas on how to deal with these feelings and emotions.

What wonderful staff, pupils and parents we have! Only the 2nd December and the donations for our #ReverseAdventCalendar have been overwhelming! Thank you so much for everyone that has supported so far.

Nichols Class have been learning valuable lessons such as turn taking, helping others and winning/losing today through playing different games. Judging by their smiley faces I think these boys had lots of fun!

Huge thank you to Luke of Zorn Class for his donation to our #ReverseAdventCalendar

Sanchez Class have been learning about Neil Armstrong and space. Pupils built their own rockets and created this lovely display!

Looks like our #ElfOnTheShelf2020 is up to no good again! At least he is wearing his mask

Sanchez Class have been making wreaths out of recycled materials. Pupils used a number of different materials to decorate their wreaths however they wanted.

Huge thank you to the pupils and parents that have contributed to our #ReverseAdventCalendar
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