Meridian Campus – January Stories

Meridian – January stories

Thank you, all our parents and carers, for supporting your children with our fantastic Remote Learning throughout the past couple of weeks! It was lovely seeing yourselves and them again and sharing all their stories from the holidays!

Thank you from Meridian Campus

Meridian Campus recently received a wonderful donation of 100 splash suits from Mr Mario Stravrou of Mario Limited; a very generous friend to the school! There was one for every child in the primary department and this means that the children can play outside in all weathers. This is particularly important at the moment when the children and staff on site are trying to socially distance as much as possible.

We are incredibly grateful for this kind gesture which is a huge support for the children’s physical development and enjoyment of outside play.

Thank you so much Mario from everyone at Meridian Campus.

On 15th January food parcels were all packed up in Miss Driver’s car and ready to be delivered. Thank you to the amazing Ms Almond who had already taken a boot full of parcels already that morning.

The student’s at St Mary’s had a remote learning session, agreeing rules and expectations for behaviour whilst on their Teams sessions. #remotelearning

Harvey made M&M biscuits and it’s only when we started baking that we realised we didn’t have any eggs,  so we trialled it without eggs and it actually turned out really well. #baking #learning


The children who are learning at home from Murray and Harris Class made sandwiches with Miss O’Connor during their morning session. #lifeskills #learning #primary

Even when a lot of children are accessing learning remotely the team at Springfield are working hard to make it as engaging and enjoyable as possible. #remotelearning

We took delivery of two amazing outdoor table tennis tables today. One at Dysons Road and the other at St Mary’s. Thank you @JPFoundation.

Riley in Storey Class made a super cool dinosaur using resources he found at home.

Well done Riley!


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