Meridian Campus- March stories

What a brilliant lesson on body shaming taught by Mr Jon in Fairchild Class. Children learnt that we all look different, we all look beautiful!

A huge thank you to Clockhouse Nursery in Enfield (Forty Hill) who have kindly donated Springfield Campus with some herbs, pansies and soil as part of our get growing topic.

The children at St Mary’s have had such a fantastic couple of weeks. Today there was lots of fun and games to support the children learn about comic relief. #RedNoseDay #ComicRelief2021

This is a very impressive red nose. #RedNoseDay #ComicRelief2021
Dysons Road students had lot’s of fun trying out new sports and challenging ourselves. All in the name of Comic Relief. #ComicRelief2021

Fairchild Class have been learning about the Great Fire of London.

As part of National Day of Reflection, children at St Mary’s made thank you cards for key workers they know and created a rainbow with messages of things they have been grateful for over this year. #DayOfReflection2021

The mot recent home learning project in Fairchild Class was based on their topic: London. The children have designed and made new crowns for the Queen. We might get lucky and see her in one of these.

We were able to spend some time today with some incredibly key workers including Katie who works as a nurse. #DayOfReflection2021
What’s this the children have been making? Rockets? Space ships? Robots? Very creative.
Murray Class students spoke about their super powers. Elias – ‘I make people laugh’ Maja – ‘I am friendly’ Ege – ‘swimming’ Jerry – ‘making things’ #ComicRelief2021

The children in Murray Class had an absolute blast during science week. They did their last experiment of ‘drinks and sweets’. They even tasted minty drinks!

Murray Class looked at how important it is to wash our hands properly. They put lots of glitter on their hands and followed the instructions to make sure all of the glitter and germs were removed! Some of them then sequenced what they had to do too.

Murray Class learnt about volcanoes and designed their own and to top it off made their own lava!!

We found out what happens to rainbow milk when you add soap. It was magical!
Sam made his mum this beautiful flower and hand written note ready to give to her on Mothers Day. We hoped all the mums out there had a wonderful Mothers Day.
The children at St Mary’s have been thinking about important women in their lives as it is Mother’s Day this month . They have made cards to show these special women how much they mean to them.
Children at St Mary’s have used the investigative skills to work out what happens when you rub a balloon on different surfaces. Of course rubbing it on people’s heads got the biggest laughs.
Springfield enjoyed using the rainy day box. The box contained an umbrella which changes colour in the rain, bowls and pipettes for collecting water and some magnifying glasses. We looked at how the leaves change texture in the rain and carefully observed the rain.
Miss Driver left a 5 star review for the yummy breakfast served at the Fairchild Cafe yesterday. ‘The food and company were delicious.’ What a fantastic way to welcome our older children back to school. Thank you Fairchild Class.

A very special whole school assembly was arranged to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay. Thank you for sharing your portraits and information Fairchild Class. 

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