Meridian Campus – April Stories

Springfield have been getting active outside for ‘Captain Tom 100 Day’. We have been throwing beanbags, having races, and jumping in and out of hoops. We are also doing 100 laps in the playground. #CaptainTom100 #EYFS


This year, we have been thinking creatively about how we can support staff wellbeing, taking into account the challenges we all face due to the pandemic. One area we felt to be key, was to enable us as a team to stay connected and support our physical and mental wellbeing.

Some of our team are particularly interested in keeping fit, so we decided to use this interest to offer staff sessions at the start of the day.  During the course of the year, we have offered various activities such as yoga and zumba in a fun, non – pressured environment, led by members of our admin team. They have proven to be a great success and really helped us remain bonded as a team and feel positive about the day ahead. With the warmer weather on the horizon, we are considering new ideas such a running club or ‘legs, bums and tums’ to keep the enthusiasm going.  Perhaps one day you’ll see a Meridian team complete the London marathon!


Before the Easter holidays Silva Class were lucky enough to meet Miss Gardner’s rabbit. They learnt about the way rabbits clean themselves and what they eat to keep healthy. They also learnt about being gentle and kind.


Springfield Campus made sure they finished off for the term on an Easter high as the students met  the Springfield Campus Dino and Chick. 

Murray Class have been working hard in maths and phonics this week. They’ve been learning about taking things away in maths and starting to read words in phonics.



Pendleton Class had so much fun baking and decorating their Easter biscuits before the Easter holidays. They look so yummy. 🙂

At Springfield the children have been doing lots of fun activities Such as making chocolate jazzies. They also have daily activities such as writing practice. These help the children in a lot of different areas i.e. growing their fine motor skills, extending their attention on specific tasks and others.

We have recently enlarged our selection of outdoor play equipment and the children are enjoying spending a lot of time learning outside, playing with friends in different ways and developing communication skills.


Murray Class did an experiment yesterday to see what would happen if we added water to skittles. Maja predicted that they would make a rainbow, she was right!

St Marys students joined into the tribute of late Captain Sir Tom Moore by playing Basket Ball. 


Science in Fairchild this week: They have been out and about searching for materials and discovering their use and their properties.

Fairchild class have been learning all about Ramadan and cooked some delicious samosas.

Storey class have been reading the book ‘Whatever Next’. They made rockets this afternoon and wanted to share them with everyone.


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