Haselbury Campus Stories

Fox Class have been sewing mask clips to donate to NHS staff. You hook your mask to them instead of putting behind your ears to stop the PPE from rubbing when they wear it all day. What a fantastic idea!


Simmonds Class took trip to the local area for their virtual lesson, this time to HMS Belfast and the T-34 tank in Bermondsey. Pupils discussed the idea of the ‘Peace Tank’ and then created there own! #PeaceTank #LearningForLife #RemoteLearning


Pupils have  been showing their creative skills whilst learning about the Renaissance period and learned about Michelangelo’s paintings the Hand of God. Pupils made their own salt dough to make a hand statue inspired by Michelangelo the Hand of God painting. They independently collected their ingredients, equipment and measured items. They really enjoyed this fun activity.


During Learning for Life lesson about where fruit and vegetables are grown e.g. tree, bush, vine, underground or over ground. Pupils had to use their 5 senses during a blind smell, touch, taste and see test to identify the fruit or vegetable and say where they are grown. The picture of the fruit and vegetable show what pupils had to smell, touch, taste and see above.


Sanchez pupils used a real plant to identify its parts and they made a poster labelling the roots, stem, leaves, flower or bud and what a plant need to grow healthy e.g. sun, water, soil and air.


Sanchez Class students have also been following steps independently to plant some beans. They filled their cans with soil, beans, more soil and then water and placed their plants by the window. Pupils have been keeping a weekly record of the plant’s growth by measuring it, watering the plant and writing what growth they can see each week along with picture updates. The growth pictures are in the following email called bean plant growth.


PSHCE lessons have consisted of learning about body parts and changes during puberty. Pupils had to use their prior learning on Puberty to identify the body parts and the changes to our bodies during puberty. Pupils worked in pairs to identify which body parts are female or male and place them in correct locations.


During the creative sessions pupils made salt dough following instructions independently to make a hand statue inspired by Michelangelo Hand of God the Renaissance period.





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