Meridian Campus Stories

Today we have been using crates outside as part of our ‘loose parts’ play. One of our children made a car for himself and Mrs Hassan and then was joined by another friend. We were so proud of the creativity. #eyfs #loosepartsplay

Fairchild Class have read “The Queen’s Hat” and had so many questions for Her Majesty (@RoyalFamily). So they decided to invite her over for an interview. What a lovely lady she is.

Murray took part in a @EnfieldPETeam @Panathlon event this week. They played Polybat and Table Top Cricket. It was so much fun and they had fun keeping score by counting our points and rallies. 


In Fairchild Class students have been learning about strategies to look after our wellbeing. Taking some time to do something fun and creative is one of them.

Murray Class have been practicing reading and making CVC words today. 

Children in Fairchild Class have started to learn about multiplication…one child said it’s hard work, but we are all getting there!

Fairchild Class students have been learning all about the industrial Revolution and this week the weekly project was to create a rural setting. Here are their beautiful masterpieces.

In Fairchild Class children are learning about materials and their properties. Yesterday they manipulated a variety of objects made out of different materials to check if they could change their initial shapes.

This afternoon in Victor Class the children painted bear faces to tie in with the story they are currently reading ‘Whatever Next by’ by Jill Murray.

Guney has been working hard writing his name, he is a super star. 

Murray Class have been learning digraphs ‘ff’ and ‘ss’ this week. Ege & Jerry wrote some words independently. We are very proud of them all.

Students at Dysons started a recycling project and created posters to promote recycling. Each class will receive a recycling box designed by Fairchild Class. We would love to become a greener school.

During a road safety lesson, Murray Class learnt about puffin crossings using our Murray Road. We waited for the green man and crossed safely.

Last week Murray Class learnt how to use a cheese grater and a microwave. They made nachos and learnt about Mexico as part of our world food topic.

Murray Class love being outside and having fun. On Friday they used the scooters and tried out some giant bubbles. It made them feel super happy.

Industrial settings were the focus for this week’s homework project in Fairchild Class. What a talented, creative, resourceful bunch of children.

St Marys students have been making most of the outdoor area when not raining!

Fairchild Class have been working on posters and recycling bins to be distributed around the campus to encourage other classes with recycling.


Fitness/Wellbeing Day at St Mary’s. Tennis and homemade fruit smoothies for everyone.


Murray Class are getting ready to solve subtraction questions in their heads.  They used their fingers to help them yesterday. They did brilliantly.





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