Coronavirus Update

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Letter to new parents re transition plans.

Letter to parents from headteacher 21st May

Letter to parents from headteacher 20th May 2020

Letter to parents from headteacher 14/05/2020

Letter to parents re Boris announcement 07/05/2020

Updated 21st May 2020

Expanding School Provision – Measures in Place from 8th June 2020

It is vitally important that in order to protect all our children and our staff team on site that we take the necessary precautions to restrict social interaction between people, in order to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Below is some key information about what we’re doing to protect the children and staff that will be based on site from 8th June 2020:

  • We have risk assessed each class space to optimise pupil attendance whilst securing effective social distancing. This means we will remain open operating on a reduced ‘optimum’ pupil and staff ratio in each class to ensure social distancing is upheld.
  • We have removed items that are hard to clean regularly, such as rugs, cushions and other soft furnishings, to ensure all rooms remain hygienic.
  • We will be operating in small ‘bubbles’, where the same team of staff will support the same students, to avoid mixing amongst lots of different people.
  • We are speaking with transport to try and ensure that the ‘pupil bubbles’ at each site will be picked up together.
  • We will be providing lunch in classrooms, to avoid gathering a lot of students into one space.
  • We will not be providing resources such as playdough & sand to reduce to risk of cross contamination.
  • All equipment used inside and outside will be regularly disinfected and we are ensuring that learning equipment does not get shared amongst classes. Students will also be provided their own stationery set to use in class to avoid sharing resources.
  • We are staggering breaks, lunchtimes and the use of outdoor spaces so that as much as possible students and staff remain in their own ‘bubble’.
  • We are putting in stringent measures around beginning and end of day transport arrangements to reduce the numbers of people collecting in one place.  
  • We have invested in additional temperature checking scanners for more regular use.
  • For any instances of pupils or staff displaying Coronavirus symptoms we have allocated designated spaces for individuals to be isolated immediately.
  • There is availability of soap and hot water in every toilet and classroom. There is also hand sanitiser in every classroom. All pupils are encouraged to regularly wash their hands following the Government advice. We have been explicitly teaching and supervising hygiene and hand washing protocols and individual resources to support this can be found on our website.
  • When carrying out personal care for pupils, staff will wear face masks, gloves and aprons. (bed paper covers, soap, sanitizer gel and wipes are available to anyone using those areas)
  • We continue to operate daily additional cleaning measures and have multiple cleans throughout the day of hand rails, door handles, gates etc.
  • We have reduced any foot traffic into and through school by changing our morning and end of day drop off and pick up arrangements. All parents and passenger assistants are not allowed into the school unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • We are providing PPE for staff including gloves, facemasks, sanitizing gel and wipes and soap. We will continue to review this in response to staff communicated requirements and government advice.

If you have any queries related to our social distancing and hygiene measure , please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Yours faithfully,

The Senior Leadership Team


School closed on the days below:

8th May – Bank Holiday

15th May – School closed for Review Day

25th May – Bank Holiday

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Spring Progress Reviews
Will be mailed to Parents and Carers on Friday 24th April
Class Teams will discuss with Parents and Carers during weekly phone call from Monday 27th April
Spring Annual Reviews
Will now take place by phone on Friday 15th May
Documents will be posted to parents and carers on Friday 1st May

Independent travel training is cancelled until further notice!

Annual Reviews and Progress Reports

‘Spring Term Review Day’ on Friday 24th April has been cancelled.

Spring Term Progress Reports – We are planning (where possible) to share and discuss Spring Term progress and new targets (which will support learning during the summer term) with parents and carers through communication with your child’s class team. 

April and Summer Annual Reviews 

We are planning (where possible)  to run the Spring and Summer of Annual Reviews remotely. Parents and carers will be contacted individually to arrange reviews and share documentation.