Life and Work

Personal Development Curriculum – Intent statement: 

The Personal Development curriculum at West Lea incorporates the subjects PSHE/RSE and Life & Work as well as enrichment opportunities across the school. 

Through the curriculum offer students will learn; what it means to be an active citizen in an ever-changing society, how they can grow and develop as individuals as they prepare for adulthood and about the impact they can have on others and the world around them. 

Our curriculum and enrichment opportunities support our students to be mindful, grateful, positive, kind and true to themselves to have dignity and believe in themselves.  Lessons focus on understanding, empathy, tolerance and respect and the belief that true success comes from resilience and overcoming barriers. We focus on developing students’ ethics and moral compass as we guide them into becoming the best version of themselves, both in and outside of education. 

The curriculum offer features opportunities for SMSC development, an understanding of British Values and is designed to raise aspirations which engage, inform, and inspire our students through active learning.  The curriculum is very much centred around one of West Lea’s key values – Learning for Life. 

PSHE/RSE Intent: 

PSHE is taught throughout the school beginning in the Early Years with a focus on Personal, Social and Emotional Development (in line with the Early Years framework) to support children to lead healthy and happy lives and providing a secure platform from which children can achieve at school and in later life. 

As children progress through the school the PSHE curriculum coverage provides opportunities to build on the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to understand themselves, the world around them and to keep themselves healthy and safe.  Topics covered include; age-appropriate relationship and health education, online safety, personal safety and managing risk, exploring identity, mental health and wellbeing as well as transition at key points.  Also included are citizenship themes such as living in the wider world and making choices, democracy, diversity and crime and consequences. 

Life and Work Skills Intent:  The Life & Work curriculum intends to equip students with the skills for life and for work that will support them to thrive and embrace independence in line with the preparing for adulthood (PfA) outcomes. 

We teach life and work skills at all key’s stages. Building understanding through play and hands on experiences from the Early Years and developing skills and knowledge through a variety of topics through to Post 16.  Life & Work lessons focus on skills that support students towards independence within strands that link to the preparing for adulthood (PfA) outcomes: 

  1. A) Looking after myself and my home (PfA outcomes: Good Health and Independent Living) – topics include healthy lifestyles, cooking and daily living skills.
  2. B) My community and the wider world (PfA outcome: Friends, Relationships & Community) – topics include independent travel, volunteering, community services and First Aid.
  3. C) Careers and the world of work (PfA outcome; Employment) – including career exploration, career planning, business & enterprise, work skills development and work experience.

The above strands offer a creative and engaging way to incorporate the ‘design, make and evaluate’ approach to D&T as well as providing access to cooking and nutrition whilst linking to real-life applications.  The curriculum also prioritises time for careers education equipping students with essential skills and enabling progression into further education and/or suitable employment pathways.