Solving real world problems


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”
– Albert Einstein, mathematician and theoretical physicist

We intend for learners to love Maths and become confident and flourishing mathematicians. 

Not only is numeracy a key building block for progressing onto further education and employment but it’s also a key life skill.

Whether you’re paying a bill, measuring out ingredients for baking a cake, or doing your shopping, being good with numbers is essential.

Our curriculum is rooted in our values. Maths brings our five values to life in the following ways:

  • Community: learners develop numeracy by visiting local cafés and shops, reviewing prices and using money
  • Kindness: learners discover Maths at their own pace and are taught to respect the progress of others
  • Learning for life: learners realise how important Maths is by using it in real situations – at home, school and work
  • Innovation: learners are encouraged to problem-solve and apply their learning to solve new challenges
  • Inclusion: learners deepen their understanding of Maths in ways that suit them – both in and outside the classroom

We implement our Maths curriculum in a planned and sequenced way.

This ensures each learner reaches their potential and becomes a flourishing mathematician, by first learning foundational concepts and then building on these step by step. Take a look at our Maths curriculum map to find out more.

As they progress through the map, learners develop problem-solving skills through Maths investigations and by using their numeracy skills in day to day life. 

We measure the impact of our Maths curriculum by assessing:

  • How much learners enjoy and engage with the learning 
  • How confident they are applying mathematical thinking in their everyday lives
  • How well they do in internal assessments and external qualifications
  • How prepared learners are for their next steps into further education and employment
  • How well they problem-solve and how resilient they are
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