Month: March 2020

Support learning at home!

Miss O’Connor and her brother Ryan have been making some videos to give you some ideas of what you could do whilst you are at home:  

Day 1 – Autism Awareness week

Day 1: #ASD occurs equally across all cultures and classes and is lifelong. 2 specific domains. 1. Lower levels of social communication/ interaction. 2. Repetitive patterns of behaviour/ fixated interests. Then there is the ‘additional difficulties’ box where everything else goes  

Thank you

As we come towards the end of the first week of these new ways of working, we cannot thank the staff enough for everything they have done this week. 👍   If you need anything please do ask. We’ll do as much as we can to support.

Fun work out with Joe Wicks

A great example of how our students can keep fit at home. Click on the link below for a fun work out with Joe Wicks! 🤸🤾🏃   Joe Wicks and Alfie – 8 minute workouts ( once on this page there are a lot more exercises with other children involved) –