Haselbury Campus

Where learners fly high

Welcome to Haselbury Campus

Haselbury Campus is home to learners aged 11 to 14. From a single site on Haselbury Road, we provide inclusive and personalised learning that equips your child with the knowledge and skills to become confident, independent and flourishing young adults.

Whether your child joins from Meridian or further afield, our transition programme ensures they feel positive and prepared to start Key Stage 3. We give every child a warm welcome and ensure they feel valued and safe.

Our specialist teaching and support staff lead activities that build knowledge, skills and student confidence, so that your child can reach their potential. We emphasise the importance of developing life skills, such as brushing teeth, making a snack, handling money, travelling independently and gaining work experience.

We host many extracurricular activities and clubs and your child can try out all sorts of sport, art, music and drama activities. They can also experience life away from home on residential trips, which helps them develop independence and build strong relationships with teachers and friends.

Haselbury learners have a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities, so we always make sure to get to know our students and their motivations, goals, and individual needs. We want your child to enjoy life at Haselbury, to learn and develop, achieve academically and feel prepared for the next stage.

We take pride in the excellent relationships that we build with learners and their families, and organise regular events so we can welcome parents and carers into school.


At Key Stage 3, your child will enjoy a full timetable that includes English, Maths, Science, Computing, Knowledge of the World (History, Geography and Religious Education), Creative (Art, Music and Drama), and Personal Development (PE, PSHE and Life and Work – which includes Design and Technology, Catering, Citizenship and Careers).

We structure and sequence learning so that students build on existing knowledge and skills step-by-step, and reach their potential in the core subject areas. We help them to make links between subjects and topics and find ways to embed learning in their long-term memory.

Learning isn’t just about gaining knowledge. We support learners to make good decisions, solve problems, develop greater self-awareness and build their self-esteem whilst enjoying teaching and learning that’s based on the National Curriculum. 

Phonics, reading, Maths and PSHE feature strongly because research shows learning in these areas positively impacts students’ future life chances. Every child takes part in PE and teaching is tailored to the needs and interests of individual learners.

We encourage pupils to think about themselves, their future and possible career paths, helping them to look ahead to Key Stage 4 and beyond. Children start to think about work experience and may begin by helping out in school, for example, by assisting the medical team or teachers in Meridian.

Angela Poplar
Co-Head of School
Tanveela Haidar
Co-Head of School
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