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Haselbury Campus

Catering for students from 11 – 14 years, our key focus is to provide exciting, inclusive and personalised learning opportunities, through which our young people can become equipped with the life skills needed in order to become confident and independent individuals.

Whether pupils come to us from our Meridian campus or from other primary and secondary schools, our carefully planned transition programme ensures that their very first experiences of Haselbury Campus are positive and that any anxieties about starting are alleviated. Every child will be supported throughout their journey, and will be made to feel welcomed and valued.

Our highly skilled staff lead stimulating, rewarding activities that build both skills and student confidence, so that each and every individual within our community is able to reach their full potential. For some that might mean working towards independent travel and using money to do their shopping, whilst for others it could involve learning how to brush their own teeth or make a snack.

There is a wealth of opportunities on offer at Haselbury Campus, including residential trips, a wide variety of after-school clubs and a whole host of sporting and drama events throughout the year.

With students having different needs and specific requirements, we work tirelessly to understand the motivations, goals and preferred methods of learning. Essential independence, literacy,  communication, numeracy and ICT skills form the basis of our curriculum, which leads to the development of skills that our children can apply in their own lives as they move towards adulthood.

Building relationships and working in partnership with parents is also vitally important to us and we organise regular events to involve our parents in their child’s progress and the wider school community.

Billy Hawes
Head of School

We aim for every child at Haselbury Campus to:

Develop a strong sense of self-worth and the confidence to take risks in their learning
Communicate their choices and opinions in everyday situations and about what they want for their future
Engage meaningfully and successfully in regular independent activities, both within school and when out in the community
Build and maintain deep friendships, managing conflict effectively and repairing relationships appropriately
Develop a strong set of values by which to treat themselves and others
Have a strong voice within the development of the school and the local community
Understand how to keep themselves safe at all times
We will give children equal opportunities to develop their abilities and personalities as fully as possible