Welcome to the

Learning for Life Campus

Soaring through learning

Welcome to Learning for Life Campus - 'Soaring'!

As our campus name ‘Learning for Life’ suggests, we want every student to leave us equipped with the skills necessary for the future. Catering for students from 14 – 16 years, our primary focus is to ‘solidify’ the work that has taken place at Meridian Campus (‘Taking Off’) and Haselbury Campus (‘Flying High’) and to take our pupils to a situation where they are ‘Soaring’!

Through our broad and balanced academic curriculum that includes taster days at college, as well as opportunities that encourage creativity and independence, we aim to provide students with a hub of learning opportunities so they make an informed decision about which future pathway is right for them.

Staff at the Learning for Life Campus also work closely with parents, providing training sessions and workshops, to ensure that every child feels fully supported in their journey in striving for success in the future.

Catherine Goodwin
Head of School