Meridian Campus

Where learning takes off

Welcome to Meridian Campus

At Meridian Campus, we provide primary-aged children with exciting, inclusive and personalised learning. We want your child to have the best start, enjoy coming to school and become an independent and confident communicator.

Your child is ‘Taking Off’ on their West Lea journey and we equip them with the skills they need to flourish at this stage. From Reception through to year six, they follow a curriculum that’s developed in line with the early years foundation stage (EYFS) and National Curriculum.

Our teaching is stimulating and personalised, providing learners with an introduction to primary subjects and life skills. Our infant classes and Willow pathway children follow the main curriculum, which our specialist teachers tailor to meet their needs.

We ensure there is plenty of room in the timetable for enrichment activities, including weekly swimming and music lessons, yoga classes, day trips, residential trips for the older children, and the chance to take part in our ‘forest school.’

We help your child to look after themselves, establish routines, confidently communicate and become more independent. This ensures they have the necessary foundations to successfully move on to Haselbury Campus in year 7. 

Parents play a vital part in daily school life and we invite you to join us at coffee mornings, performances and review days.


We design our EYFS curriculum to be inspiring, personalised and focused on developing the relationships necessary for your child to thrive.

At this stage, your child is an active learner who builds their knowledge and understanding using their senses and by exploring, investigating, observing and playing.

Our classrooms and outdoor spaces are colourful, exciting and full of resources that learners can play with throughout the day. This learning is known as ‘continuous provision.’ You can find out more by reading our EYFS policy document.


At Key Stage 1, your child continues to learn through playing and choosing their own resources, but we start to teach key concepts in a more ‘directive’ way, ready for formal lessons at Key Stage 2.

We help your child to acquire knowledge using play and real life situations, and we teach Maths and English in short, structured bursts when they are ready.

Our specialist teachers plan the topics they teach to match your child’s interests and guide your child in their learning, ensuring they make progress and achieve personalised learning outcomes.


At Key Stage 2, we help your child to build on their prior learning, develop greater independence and discover their identity by finding their ‘voice’ and making themselves heard.

We prioritise the teaching and learning of communication, personal and social skills at all ages and stages. We ensure every child’s needs are taken into account and help them to break down barriers.

We teach subjects and topics in a sequenced and structured way using the National Curriculum, current events and pupils’ interests. Our teachers ensure the curriculum is accessible to all.

Emma Driver
Head of School
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