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Meridian Campus

Catering mainly for primary aged children, pupils at Meridian Campus are provided with exciting, inclusive and personalised learning opportunities, through which they develop a range of basic skills. In particular, they will build on their communication and independence so that they have solid foundations in place when transitioning to the Haselbury Campus and beyond.

At Meridian, children engage in stimulating, rewarding activities that build both skills and confidence. For some that might mean working towards using money in a shop, whilst for others it could involve learning how to dress or make a snack. Children also have the opportunity to take part in a range of enrichment activities, including residential visits, a wide variety of after-school clubs and sporting events throughout the year.

Our culture and ethos ensure that pupils have fun and are comfortable in their surroundings. Children are welcomed, feel valued and their voices are heard from day one. Partnership with parents is also a key component to support the children at Meridian Campus and we encourage parents to join us for coffee mornings, as well as performances and review days.

We fully appreciate that every child is different, and work tirelessly to understand the motivations, goals and preferred methods of learning. Essential independence, communication, reading, maths and computing skills form the basis of our curriculum. Taught through a range of exciting topics the children receive an engaging and broad curriculum, so that each and every individual within our community feels equipped and prepared to ‘take off’ and move on to fantastic things at the Haselbury Campus.

"We fully appreciate that every child is different and we work tirelessly to understand the motivations, goals and preferred methods of learning."
Vicky Paver
Head of School

We aim for every child at Meridian Campus to:

Build strong friendships with peers
Develop a love of learning and engage in a wide range of activities
Be motivated to take part and give things a go!
Feel safe to make mistakes and view misunderstanding as a positive part of the learning process
Develop basic life skills which will enable them to be active members of the community
Have fun and enjoy being at West Lea!