Exam Results – Summer 2021

Year 11 – 30 pupils in cohort (2020 – 32 in cohort)

Yr 11 English

Yr 11 Maths

Other qualifications Year 11

Post 16 Qualifications – Summer 2021

‘College Bridge’ (one-year college transition programme) – 24 pupils in cohort

These pupils continue to study and take qualifications in English and Maths (delivered by CONEL College staff and supported by West Lea staff) as part of their transition onto a Further Education provider the following year. 

Supported Internship Programme: 32 Learners

Young People on West Lea’s Supported Internship Programme (see below for more details) continue to develop skills of literacy and numeracy (weekly, taught by West Lea Staff) which are linked directly to their entry into employment. Qualifications are therefore tailored and appropriate to each Young Person on the Internship Programme

Destinations and Progression – Summer 2021

Year 11 – 30 in Cohort

Post 16 ‘College Bridge’ – 24 in Cohort

Supported Internship Programme

Our ‘Supported Internship’ programme is all about bridging the gap between school
and the world of work. For those pupils aged between 18-25 who will benefit, a Supported Internship involves structured education for one day a week supporting work related learning and four days in the workplace. This differs from Work Experience as the interns will be treated as members of staff with the aim of securing a paid job at the end. 

Outcomes since start of the programme to present (Sept 2017- July 2021):

  • Since Sept 2017, 93 young people have gone through the programme, with a total of 81 having completed the course. A further 25 young people have been enrolled into the 2021-22 Cohort bringing the total number enrolled to 118 since the start of the Internship Programme.
  • Of the 81 students a total of 61 were able to secure paid employment. Following a review (Oct 2021), it has been confirmed that a total of 54 young people (out of 61) are still in the job secured via the programme.
  • Success rate (of those completing the programme) is c75%
  • Retention rate (of those securing employment) is c89%

Outcomes for 2020/21 Cohort: