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Year 11

Year 11 - Other Qualifications

Post 16 Qualifications – Summer 2021

NOTE: A number of Post 16 Pupils started a 2 Year programme in Sept 2021 so will take qualifications in Summer 2023

Supported Internship Programme

NOTE: Supported Internship Pupils take qualifications in English and Maths if appropriate to their pathway to paid employment. 

Destinations and Progression



Supported Internship Programme

Our ‘Supported Internship’ programme is all about bridging the gap between school and the world of work. For those pupils aged between 18-25 who will benefit, a Supported Internship involves structured education for one day a week supporting work related learning and four days in the workplace. This differs from Work Experience as the interns will be treated as members of staff with the aim of securing a paid job at the end. 

Outcomes since start of the programme to present (Sept 2017- October 2022):

Since it’s inception the programme has worked with 120 interns in total over a period of 5 academic years since 2017.

– The overall success rate of the programme has been consistently high averaging at 78%.

– The retention rate is also positive as overall 92% have retained employment.

– The completion rate of the course is 90% meaning that the vast majority finish the programme and the drop out rate is low.

* note 2020/2021 included the re-enrolment of 25 learners affected by the pandemic (their outcomes have been included in the 2019/2020 figures.

Key takeaways

  • Success rates are consistently above national and London averages.
  • Retention rates are also consistently high.
  • Retail, Catering & Hospitality and Local Authority jobs make up 52% of jobs secured.
  • Most jobs secured are entry level (e.g. general assistant, kitchen assistant, warehouse assistant, retail assistant).
  • Progression is limited and is an area to be explored and addressed.
  • Employer commitment can vary throughout the programme affecting the chances of interns getting a paid job.
  • Lack of commitment from an intern is a barrier to success and one that is difficult for an internship provider to manage.
  • Follow on support is crucial for some in retaining a job and funding for this is often delayed.


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