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Welcome to Horizon Campus

Horizon Campus caters for students from 16 to 25 years with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). At the heart of everything we do is our wider school vision of creating a world where everyone can flourish.

In line with the school’s mission of breaking down barriers for children and young adults in Enfield with special educational needs, we take your young person further on their educational journey helping them to develop skills for life and embrace independence as they prepare for their next steps.

Our offer includes bridging programmes for Key Stage 5 students, and clearly defined pathways to employment for those who are ready.  

That’s why at Horizon, we’re always looking for innovative ways to build on our #NoLimits vision.  We have high aspirations for our students and encourage them to think big too.   


Our growing provision provides high-quality programmes designed to support students with their next steps.  Whether transitioning into further education or moving from education into employment, we provide opportunities for students to grow and learn as they embark on and prepare for adulthood. 

We are driven by a desire to achieve meaningful outcomes and make a difference. We have a proven track record of changing lives, pioneering positive change in our local community and doing our bit to address the gaps and inequalities faced by young people with additional needs.   

Whether a student is continuing on their West Lea journey or joining us for the first time, we’ll work with them to set ambitious goals. We offer the following programmes:

  • College Bridging Programme – 1 year programme for school leavers (aged 16) with a curriculum of formal qualifications, life skills training, PSHE and careers education
  • Broaden Horizons Bridging Programme – 2 year programme for school leavers (aged 16) who need support to become more independent as they approach adulthood, and who follow a curriculum of life skills training, PSHE, careers education and work experience
  • Pre-internship Programme – 1 year programme for students who wish to work towards a Supported Internship but who need additional time to prepare for employment
  • Supported Internship Programme – 1 year programme for 16 to 25 years old students who are ready to move into employment
  • Post-employment Service – Assisting students beyond the Supported Internship Programme, including help with applying for Access to Work funding

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Kika Charalambous
Head of School
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