School updates on COVID-19.

17th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware, the advice from the Government remains clear that schools will not be instructed to close due to COVID-19. The situation and advice does seem to be evolving on a regular basis and as such we want to keep you updated as regularly as we can.

The school remains open until we are instructed to close or until our staffing levels deem it impossible to safely stay open.

If we do have to close:

  • We will communicate with you re school closure the same way we do for severe weather conditions (texts, emails and website updates)
  • Please DO NOT phone the school office about closure – check the website first
  • Home Learning activities are on the website in the Parents area

We are limiting close contact, larger gatherings and following social distancing advice by:

  • Only running class-based assemblies
  • Amending the way we organise certain activities such as breakfast times
  • Cancelling all trips out, visitors in, after-school clubs and school events
  • Limiting the way that some staff and students travel across sites

We cannot give you medical advice about your child’s symptoms. We are not medical professionals. Follow the advice of Public Health England and consider:

  • Does anyone in your household have a temperature or persistent cough? If the answer is yes, you should ALL self-isolate for the full 14 days
  • Does your child have an underlying health condition where they are advised to get an annual flu jab, such as chronic asthma, weakened immunity, a chronic disease, serious obesity, sickle cell or diabetes? If the answer is yes, they should avoid any gatherings and stay home

You can help us keep everyone safe by:

  • Making sure we have your up-to-date contact details
  • NOT visiting or phoning the school unless absolutely necessary
  • Make sure your household washes their hands regularly at home

We know that many children are very worried about the current situation. We are regularly taking the opportunity to talk to our students calmly about the basic information to help them understand how to keep safe and to ease their worries. We encourage you to do the same, giving them key facts to prepare them but not letting them hear conversations that may be troubling.

Thank you as always for your continued support at this challenging time.

Yours faithfully,

The Senior Leadership Team

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