Meridian Campus – December Stories

The children have been decorating socks whilst discussing bullying and why it is important that we are kind to each other.

Murray Class made a kindness heart from high five handprints. This is displayed in their classroom to remind them to be kind to each other.

During road safety week the students really showed off their art skills. Harvey made a road safety poster today. #stoplooklisten #RoadSafetyWeek2020

3 years in the making we have a beautiful spacious woodland area for the children to play in.

The office team are getting the star of the week certificates. This one has to be one of the best ever…

Miss O’Connor has visited the North Pole to talk to Santa and get special missions for her class. First mission…teach Naughty Elf to cross the road safely. He wasn’t listening when Santa tried to teach him.

Last week it was road safety week. The children did lots of learning and now feel much more confident when crossing the road.

The children at St Mary’s have been writing letters to thank people who have been there to support them through the last few months.

The children in Fairchild Class have been learning to tell the time.

In Fairchild Class children have been very busy learning about the key features of comics. Today they have written different speech bubbles for the dialogues between the superhero and the arch-enemy.

Harris Class have been reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’.


At St Mary’s the student’s had a lot of fun creating their Christmas hats. Also how amazing does the team look in their Christmas jumpers! 🙂



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