Haselbury Campus – January stories

Thank you all our parents and carers for supporting your children with our fantastic Remote Learning curriculum throughout the past couple of weeks!

It was lovely seeing yourselves and them again and sharing all their stories from the holidays!

Huge congratulations to Larissa of Brannigan Class for this masterpiece that won the ENAS Christmas Drawing Competition! Remember her name, with artwork like this she is sure to become a famous artist!

Narita Class is successfully participating in Blended Learning by completing assignments on-line and improving their IT skills.

Pupils were learning about past and present hygiene and protective equipment. Pupils made a Covid-19 mask out of a sock and the plague doctors masks out of a cereal box and template.

Pupil’s made plague doctors’ masks and Covid-19 masks so they could see similarities and differences from past and present protective item


Learning for life skills during Lockdown

We made herbal tea and toast with butter and Apricot jam. The students used the toaster and kettle themselves to make the tea and toast, chose what they wanted on the toast and spread it on themselves.

Sharing emotions

Students from Narita Class shared their Covid-19 worries and tied them to a balloon to fly them away.

Omar Class Planet Party

As part of our literacy learning, Omar has been exploring invitation writing. To bring this to life, we are writing for purpose and inviting the whole class to a class party.  The wonderful invitations give key information including the theme chosen. Every week two pupils host the party and all staff and pupils are encouraged to join the celebrations with their own contributions. Can you guess what the theme was?

Ethan and Adama made a fantastic effort to bring the theme to life with costumes, background posters and AMAZING food!  Have a look at some of the fantastic and creative efforts!

Very proud teacher,

Mrs Blake


Simmonds Class has been exploring life during World War 2. They explored recruitment posters and created their own!

Alfie doing his morning Joe Wicks 5 min work out! Go Alfie 🙂

Feedback from a parent

‘Miss Rundle is amazing. I cannot thank her enough for all the hard work and effort she puts in with the pupils. It’s amazing how she really understands the needs of pupils and pushes them to be the best they can. Any fears I had about Jayden not progressing by going to Special Needs school are gone and Miss Rundle has made Jayden progress so much in a short amount of time – please pass on how thankful I am’. Haselbury Student parent.

A huge thank you to our mass testing team on-site making sure everyday that procedures are followed correctly for keeping our staff and students safe.

Whilst pupils are at home, this is the perfect time for them to learn about the importance of cleaning and to help their parents out!

Well done Connor and Joshua for doing such a good job!

 After going on a remote trip to @HydeParkCem to see the resting place of some very brave soldiers, pupils in Simmonds Class wrote their own letters from the trenches.

Well done to Joshua and Alfie for their use of emotive language and presentation! #LearningFromHome



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