Haselbury Campus – February stories

Whilst pupils are at home, this is the perfect time for them to learn about the importance of cleaning and to help their parents out!

Well done Connor and Joshua for doing such a good job!

After going on a remote trip to @HydeParkCem to see the resting place of some very brave soldiers, pupils in Simmonds Class wrote their own letters from the trenches.

Well done to Joshua and Connor for their use of emotive language and presentation!


Huge congratulations to Larissa of Brannigan Class for this masterpiece that won the ENAS Christmas Drawing Competition! Remember her name, with artwork like this she is sure to become a famous artist!

Simmonds Class created their own lanterns for Chinese New Year. How amazing do they look? Planes were also drawn from World War II projects that the class have been doing.

Zones of Regulation work by Simmonds Class learning about the different emotions we feel and how we can best deal with them.


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