Virtual Community Information Fayre – Family Based Solutions

Re: Virtual Community Information Fayre

For residents of: Enfield, Haringey and Barnet

Date: Saturday 12th June

Time: 10-1pm, reps. of organisations must join at 9:45am

Types of organisations: All organisations within the three boroughs who do NOT charge for their services.

Purpose of the event:

  • For Parents to gain information of services available to them in their borough
  • Parents to have a better understanding of what these services offer
  • Parents to be given guidance as to how they can access the support
  • A platform for parents to ask questions
  • Sign posting. Where a parent may be in your breakout room you have the option of advising them to join a breakout room where another organisation may be more suitable to support them.

What the event will look like:

All qualifying organisations will be stationed in their own breakout room. Breakout rooms will be renamed to the same of the organisation and the boroughs they cover.

Parents will be able to join any room at any time and can leave one room and move to another as and when they wish to do so. The virtual community information fayre will be similar to fayre’s you may organise or attend in physical form where parents can move from one stall to another.

You have the option of preparing a pp with a few slides that you can present to parents if you wish to do so.

Other important information:

  • The event will be held via Zoom
  • Parents have the option of booking through Eventbrite or asking participating organisations for the link to join
  • It is an information fayre- unless they are the only parent in the room we should veer parents away from having long discussions about their experiences. Limited information is preferable
  • It is best to have two people from each organisation manning a room
  • There will always be an FBS member of staff in the main room to support yourselves and parents
  • You can ask parents to send you their email address in a private chat to you only so you can forward information to them.
  • If you feel a person has joined your room for a purpose other than to gain information such as, a person that wants to create trouble – You will have the option of removing them from zoom at your own discretion.

All organisations MUST send Ayse a short blurb about your organisation with a contact email address, areas you cover and a website address (if applicable). Deadline to submit interest: 10th May invitation





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