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Programmes available at Horizon

At Horizon, we offer:

  • Sixth Form for learners in year 12 and year 13 who have come to the end of compulsory school age (year 11 leavers)
  • 2 pathways to employment (a pre-internship and a supported internship programme) to support students to successfully get jobs (with an 80% employment rate and 90% retention rate)
  • A post-employment service to help graduate interns retain their job by supporting them to apply for Access to Work funding and to secure the support of a Job Coach where needed


1 year programme for school leavers (aged 16) who are able to pursue formal qualifications (functional skills or GCSE).

Based at our Ponders End Horizon site our 2 year Sixth form includes core lessons in English, Maths, ICT and PE, along with vocational options (for example, an introduction to Creative Media, Catering and Hospitality, or Construction) as well as lessons aimed at preparing for adulthood and next steps such as career planning, life skills and PSHE (including Relationships and Sex Education). Learners also have the opportunity to access work experience (WEX) which could be supported WEX or an individual WEX placement depending on individual need.

After completing our 2 year Sixth Form learners typically move on to study at college or join an employability programme such as our pre-internship or supported internship programmes.


1 year programme for students working towards a Supported Internship Programme but who need additional time to prepare for employment. 

This course is for students who are coming to the end of their time in education and who are want to join the Supported Internship programme but aren’t quite ready. Students continue building on their literacy, numeracy and digital skills in class, and sample work ‘taster’ sessions to help them develop work skills.

Students who successfully complete this course typically apply for the Supported Internship Programme. 


1 year programme for 16 to 25 year old students who are ready to move into employment.

This course is for students wishing to move into employment but who need help to do so.

Interns undertake a work placement with an employer partner. The placement is a ‘working interview’ which leads to a paid job offer for successful interns.

Interns also go to college one day a week to study English, Maths, work and life skills and applicable workplace qualifications (for example, first aid, health and safety, or food hygiene).

Typically, 80% of interns are successful in gaining paid work at the end of their placement, and 90% of employed interns retain their jobs.


For graduate interns who need a helping hand beyond the Supported Internship.

Our Post-employment Service offers advice on Access to Work funding applications. 

We also provide Job Coach support through the Learning for Life Charity (LFLC) for those who are granted Access to Work funding for this purpose.

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