Our School Context

West Lea school comprises four campuses, Meridian, Haselbury, Learning for Life and Horizon. We cater for pupils with a range of complex needs, some of which may inhibit the overall learning experience. It is therefore of the highest importance that every aspect of the school environment and the curriculum take account of these factors and build in systems that will enable positive communication, positive attitudes, and high expectations. Using a flexible approach West Lea seeks to develop a personalised curriculum for every student.

As a school that plans and responds to need in the Borough, we also offer a range of additional provisions for pupils across Enfield ensuring fair access to opportunity including:

  • Attendance Support Service which meets a range of complex and diverse needs. Provision supports pupils across Enfield with medical needs and those who are not accessing mainstream education due to SEMH needs. This includes support for children in North Middlesex Hospital and a Home Tuition service.
  • A Supported Internship Programme (16-25 year-olds)
  • An Independent Travel Training Programme (pupils are assessed by our experienced team of travel trainers before referrals are accepted)
  • Work experience and opportunities to access our Social Enterprise Projects (including charity shops, furniture up-cycling, an online eBay shop and a coffee cart for retail and barista training)
  • A bridging programme with access to further education through our West Lea @ College Post 16 provision.

Our shared mission is to make long-lasting changes for our young people to improve life opportunities beyond the school gates, enabling them to function within society.

Our curriculum aims to equip pupils with knowledge and skills for adulthood and supports them to work towards the PFA outcomes which include ‘employment, good health, independent living, friends, relationships and community’. It is aspirational and provides opportunities to travel independently, experience both college and work and practice living skills through residential opportunities.

The local labour market is also considered within the context of curriculum. We have extensive partnerships with local employers and provide exposure and insight through high quality careers education. This supports our pupils to later access training and employment opportunities within and beyond their local area. 

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