West Lea School intends all pupils to have a love of being physically active and understand the physical, social and psychological benefits of being so. We want our pupils to all experience and participate in physical activity outside of school and into adulthood. 

Physical Education (PE) provides experiences for all pupils from early years at Meridian Campus to 18+ students at Horizon Campus. 

Through a carefully planned programme, Physical Education at West Lea aims to: 

  • Be fully inclusive at all times and provide all pupils an environment to explore their own physical literacy (school value of ‘Inclusion’).
  • Provide opportunities to work, learn and socialise with peers, as well as provide guidance on how healthy relationships can be formed using sport and physical activity as a vehicle (school value of ‘Kindness’).
  • Facilitate activities and scenarios that focus on building resilience and problem-solving skills through physical activity and games (school value of ‘Innovation’).
  • Provide pupils with the knowledge of physical activity opportunities with the local community and the confidence to use them (school value of ‘Community’).
  • Organise extra-curricular opportunities both within and outside of the school day. Pupils are also offered the chance to participate in ‘One-Off Experiences’ (OOE) – these are experiences pupils may never be afforded without the support of the school (school value of ‘Learning for Life’).
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