Progression: Steps to Success

Broad steps to success for each Domain and subject area have been developed collaboratively across all campuses and Key stages. These progression maps start with the end in mind – ie where we will want children to be at the end of their time at West Lea – starting with those children who could get to Level 1 functional skills qualifications (if appropriate for their subject). Sequenced steps enable teachers to plan for personalisation and progress around key learning. Prior learning steps indicate what a child needs know before they can move onto the next step.

Progression Steps are found in the following areas:

Where learning is applied

Cultural capital is planned for through experiential learning where children have the opportunities to embed learning and apply in a range of contexts, securing mastery and developing critical thinking and innovative problem solving.

In building Steps for Success we think about steps that include widening the application of the knowledge such as from myself to at home, from at home to wider friends and family, from friends to in the community etc. This means building into the sequenced steps room for children to acquire knowledge about that context to add to the learning and to secure greater mastery.

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