Let's get creative

Art, Music & Drama

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”
– Mary Lou Cook, American educator

We intend for learners to acquire creative skills so they can express themselves fully.

Art, Music and Drama form a single curriculum that provides learners with a range of creative and cultural experiences.

Learners are encouraged to use their imagination, demonstrate originality in their work, communicate their ideas, opinions and feelings, and develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Our curriculum is rooted in our values. Art, Music and Drama bring our five values to life in the following ways.

  • Community: Learners attend local art, music and drama events and showcase their talents to family and friends
  • Kindness: Learners appreciate different artworks and can evaluate them critically yet kindly
  • Learning for life: Learners enjoy the social side of Creative, viewing the art of others and making their own
  • Innovation: Learners come up with different ways to express themselves and create something new
  • Inclusion: Learners enjoy being themselves and exploring their creativity. Art, Music and Drama is for everyone

We implement our Creative curriculum in a planned and sequenced way.

This ensures each learner reaches their potential and becomes a flourishing creative, building on their knowledge and understanding step by step. Take a look at our Creative curriculum map to find out more.

As they progress through the map, learners develop skills both within and outside the classroom. We make the most of visits from local arts companies, trips to galleries and exhibitions, and partnerships with musicians. Learners also enjoy a varied and busy programme of extracurricular art, music and drama clubs 

We measure the impact of our Creative curriculum by assessing:

  • How much learners enjoy and engage with the learning 
  • How confident they are applying creative skills in their everyday lives
  • How well they do in internal assessments and external qualifications
  • How prepared learners are for their next steps into further education and employment
  • How confident and resilient they are
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