Let's read, write & communicate


“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.”
– Beatrix Potter, author

In English, we help learners acquire the language and literacy skills that will help them to flourish.

Being able to actively listen, check understanding, and appropriately express ideas and emotions, are core skills at the heart of our learning for life approach.

No matter what barriers might stand in the way, we aim for every learner to find their ‘voice’, expand their vocabulary, and socialise confidently with others.

Our curriculum is rooted in our values. English brings our five values to life in the following ways: 

  • Community: learners develop the confidence and ability to communicate and socialise
  • Kindness: learners explore different feelings, morals and values through literary texts, and appreciate the golden rule of treating others kindly
  • Learning for life: learners discover it’s ok to make mistakes and not know the answer, and that’s how we learn and grow
  • Innovation: learners are encouraged to create written work in innovative ways
  • Inclusion: learners express their ideas and feelings, find their voice, and listen respectfully

We structure our English curriculum in a planned and sequenced way.

This ensures each learner reaches their potential and becomes a confident communicator, building on their knowledge and understanding step by step. Take a look at our English curriculum map to find out more.

As they progress through the map, we support learners with a range of approaches and resources, including strategies from Elklan and Makaton.

Whether your child is verbal or non-verbal, we’re a communication-friendly school with an excellent track record in helping learners express themselves.

We measure the impact of our English curriculum by assessing:

  • How much learners enjoy and engage with the learning 
  • How confident they are applying communication and critical thinking skills in their everyday lives
  • How well they do in internal assessments and external qualifications
  • How prepared learners are for their next steps into further education and employment
  • How curious and resilient they are
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