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Physical Education (PE)

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do.”
– Anon

We intend for learners to love being physically active and to know and experience the many benefits this brings.

Physical Education (PE) is a carefully planned programme that’s open to every learner, from the early years to post 16.

We help learners of all physical abilities to enjoy moving their bodies and to develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

Our curriculum is rooted in our values. PE brings our five values to life in the following ways:

  • Community: learners have fun with others, enjoy leadership roles, play in teams, and challenge themselves in competitions
  • Kindness: learners know that people have different physical abilities and celebrate what they and their friends can accomplish
  • Learning for life: learners know that being active keeps their minds and bodies healthy and that it’s a habit they should continue for life
  • Innovation: learners come up with creative ways to move their bodies, try new sports and activities, and play with their friends
  • Inclusion: learners enjoy being physically active and display great sportsmanship and team spirit. PE is for everyone, no matter what you can or can’t do

We implement our PE curriculum in an inclusive, planned and sequenced way.

This ensures each learner reaches their potential and can overcome any barriers that stand in their way. Take a look at our PE curriculum map to find out more.

As they progress through the map, learners develop skills both within and outside of school. We organise many popular extra-curricular clubs and activities so there’s something for everyone.

We measure the impact of our PE curriculum by assessing:

  • How much learners enjoy and engage with PE and clubs
  • How confident they are in their physical abilities
  • How well they do in class and activities
  • How keen they are to continue being active in later life
  • How confident and resilient they are
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